Self-Exploration of Cultural Influence, Otherness event, and Community analysis

Self-Exploration of Cultural Influence
To complete your project, follow these instructions.
For this section, you’ll be writing about the social and cultural influences that have shaped your lifestyle, as well as your actual or anticipated career choices. To begin this process, which involves self-reflection, it may be helpful to consider the following questions and statements. It may also be helpful to talk with available family members who span several generations. This can lend insight to the understanding of one’s cultural heritage, traditions, and impact.
1. What groups did I belong to when I was younger? What groups am I a part of? As you think about this, consider your family, gender, ethnicity, and so on. Be as broad and as inclusive as possible as you’re assessing the impact that membership in these groups has had on your personal and professional development and chosen career path.
2. Of the groups I am a part of, are there any that I am particularly proud of being a member of? If yes, explain the source of this pride.
3. Of the group or groups I am a part of, are there any that cause me to feel some embarrassment, hurt, or shame because of my membership? If yes, explain the source of this shame.
4. Consider the possibility that the group(s) you think about in reference to questions 2 and 3 above are the same. What are the implications of this for me, if that’s the case?
5. How have I learned the traditions, expectations, and rules of the groups that I am a member of? Consider how these traditions, expectations, and rules have been communicated to you.
6. Does my group membership give me privilege or not?
7. As a result of my membership in these groups, am I aware of any prejudice/bias/stereotypes that I, or the group, hold?
8. What strengths/skills have I developed through my membership in these groups?
Once you’ve spent some time reflecting on some or all of these questions and/or have talked with any available family members, you’re ready to begin.
Rather than merely answering the questions in the order they’re asked above, write an integrated essay of your reflection. Your reflection should note what in your cultural experience you’ve been significantly impacted by. Include specifics as to why and how you’ve been impacted. For example, a woman who comes from a family with a strong tradition of women being teachers may choose teaching as a career because of “family tradition” or “expectations.”
This assignment will likely be three to four pages long. As you write, pay particular attention to the notions of prejudice, bias, and stereotypes that you may have become aware of.

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