Reflective account based on a SWOT analysis (2000 words + SWOT analysis)

DETAILS OF THE TASK: Provide detailed reflective account based on your SWOT analysis, with attention to area(s) you want to improve on as part of your preparation for registration as a qualified nurse (2000 words + SWOT analysis) to address learnings 1-4.
Please use simple words when writing the essay
Your reflective account MUST be based on a recognised reflective framework (John or Gibbs) to pass this assessment.
Provide detailed SWOT analysis as driver for your reflection attached as appendix to your reflective essay (Note: This is NOT part of the word count. Your SWOT analyse forms ground for your reflection).
What is SWOT analysis?why is it important?
SWOT=Firstly write 3 strengths and 2 weakness (bullet points- for each strengths and weaknessness) After that, Descriptive essay=Focus on only one 1 weakness for this essay. For example the purpose of this assignment I will focus on one challenges e.g delegation or breaking a bad news to patient..
When you are writing the essay please don’t mention weakness instead you can say during my placement one thing I found challenging or difficult which is delegation .
Please check an document I have uploaded called ‘’ Essay plan and sample’’
Strength: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, time management, managing work load, escalating concern. I am great working with other people and complete the difficult task on time
Weakness: Delegation, breaking a bad news to patient/relative
Please write it is a year 3 student nurse who will soon be qualified because the essay is reflective.So you also need to talk about 1 of the challenges you have faced that observe during past placement and what you want to do overcome the weakness.
Word count or equivalent: 2000 words +SWOT analysis( Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats
Use subheading, please use Gibbs reflective cycle or john model reflection
PLEASE use simple words when writing the essay(Harvard Reference), Ariel or Times New Roman , size 12 Reference 12 to 15 ,Please use up to date evidence , Use ‘’I’’ when writing the essay. This is a reflective essay writing not an episode of care
Assessment briefing:
Students will be required provide detailed reflective account of their reflective account based on one of the key contents covered during the module, agreed between student(s) and the module teacher(s) presented during the formative assessment
Detailed Assessment Guideline
An introduction (200 words)
This need to clearly explain the aim of the reflection with clear key (professional areas) issues to be developed and how, as well as content of the conclusion.
A brief appraisal of role of a registered nurse (400 words, LO1)
Critically analyse the role of the registered nurse in the wider context of healthcare delivery and management in relation to your chosen area of professionalism.
Set the scene for area of professional development and provide rationale offering evidence regarding the significance of your chosen professional area/skill (what evidences support the above based on your chosen issue and how it links to qualities of effective nursing care?).
Critically analyse your role as a registered nurse and the significance of your chosen area to nursing practice in a wider care delivery context (critically analyse why your chosen area is important to adult nurses in terms of qualitative care delivery to meet diverse health needs of patients and clients).
Critically analyse possible emotions, what did you feel before? during it, and after it was all over? What do you think other people felt? What do you feel about the it now? What do you think others feel about it now? Support your statements with up to date and relevant evidences.
Critical appraisal of your current strength and abilities (400, LO 2).
The main body of the work should demonstrate critical appraisal of your current strengths and abilities in relation the role of the graduate registered adult nurse. Objectively evaluate the situation. What went well? What did not? What were the negatives and the positives of the situation? How did you and the others contribute to it (positively or negatively). Critically analyse some of the relevant theories applicable to your chosen area of professional practice and competency supporting these with up to date and relevant evidences to inform your evaluation and judgement as applied to your chose area.
LO 3 (400 words)
Identify and critique areas for further developments and strategies for maintaining resilience and well-being based on your chosen area of practice.
Consider what did you learn from the situation. What else could you have done in that situation? What skills will help you cope with it better next time? How differently would you react if you face a similar situation again? If the outcomes were negative, how would you avoid that? If the outcomes were positive, how could you improve it for you and everyone else?
LO 4: (400 words)
Identify and critique areas for further developments and strategies for maintaining resilience and well-being. Critically analyse your future strategies of how to effectively you plan handle and improve the situation next time. Critically analyse any training, skill, or habit that can equip you with managing/carrying out your professional duties effectively if it occurs again? Is there something more to be learned for a better outcome? analyse areas that need more focus in terms of development to improve in them for your professional practice.
Conclusion (200 word).
This needs to summarise the main points from your reflective account.
Identify any implications for practice and/or where more evidence (research) is required to inform best practice. (Don’t need to add reference for conclusion)
NB: Your reflection must be based on are of your professional development not cases study and be written in 1st person.

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