Explain how the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Code (2018) promotes values based nursing practice

Describe the values that under pin person or family centred care.
Explain what family and/or person-centred care is, and when you would use it?
Discuss a selection of value which you have covered throughout the INPV module?
– Also discuss how these specific values play a role in delivering person or family centred care?
Explain how the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Code (2018) promotes values based nursing practice.
Explain who the NMC is and what their role is. (using quotes and references explain their policy)
– Discuss values based practice, briefly.
– Talk about the code using notes from all weeks of INPV
– Explain why it is vital that ALL REGISTERED NURSES FOLLOW THE SAME CODE.
Discuss how the code relates professional and personal values.
Outline how communication skills can effectively support professional nursing practice.
Use notes from previous weeks to discuss communication skills key to nursing practice
– You could also discuss communication barriers e.g. autism or hearing.
How can these skills be achieved and how do these skills make care delivery more affective?
Identify an ethical theory and describe how it would positively influence nursing practice.
Explain what an ethical theory is and what they mean to nursing practice.
Briefly talk about each ethical theory we have covered within INPV e.g. Dentology or Utilitarianism.
Then select one theory ethical theory to base this section of essay on.
– Explain this theory in detail.
– Explain the benefits of this theory (How it will benefit nursing practice)
In relation to key skills i.e. decision making.
– Explain challenges which arise through this theory- questioning of morals etc.
Relate this theory to a real life example (such as the train driver one covered in class)

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