Digital Reading or Print Reading in Key Stage 2 (Primary Education)

The essay will explore using critique and argument the variations of Key Stage 2 aged children (7-11) and the
differences between reading and obtaining learning levels through the tradtional means as in physical paper
books against a digital application used in schools throughout lockdown called Get Epic!. Get Epic! in an online
application which gives the teacher and parent learner analytics to show where the child is excelling and where
the child needs additional support with their learning.
With Covid hampering learning throughout the past year, school books were not readily available, Get Epic! was
made available to students in different primary schools within Wales to assist with reading as reading books
werent readilly available due to the contamination etc. Students had no alternative than to read their level books
through the application.
The majority of the children excelled due to there being more than 1 title within their level range and the teacher
could control if they needed to move up or down levels to suit their reading ability, The questions asked at the
end of the books were through the multiple choice medium as opposed to a Teaching Assistant or teacher.
I have attached two files which are from a published PHD which may be of use as its similiar however the
references and data are from within the past 20 years where as I need this to be more current and up to date.
If using the attached files, the reference needed will be – Haywood, S. (2010) Lacunae and potential in the
development of talking stories and their use to support literacy in the early years. PhD thesis, University of the
West of England.

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