COR Work Plan
Instructions: As we have seen throughout the training, a COR’s responsibilities can be varied and complex.
Surveillance of contractors, documentation, communication, and file maintenance are just a few of the COR’s
many responsibilities. In order to track these responsibilities, developing a COR work plan is one of the essential
COR tasks in managing the contract during the post-award phase, and it helps ensure that the COR is able to
fulfill all duties and responsibilities.
There is no set format to follow in preparing a COR work plan. It can be simple or complex, but it must specify
the performance outputs of the SOW and describe the methodology by which the government will conduct
inspection and acceptance of the contractor’s performance, as required by the contract.
The work plan should be developed as soon as the COR is appointed and may be modified as needed throughout
the acquisition process. A COR work plan serves as:
• A baseline for project management and scheduling
• Simple tool for tracking contract progress
• Following the plan to monitor contract performance and perform other delegated responsibilities
The COR work plan should indicate the level of commitment or amount of time and effort that will be necessary
to monitor the contract to ensure successful performance. The COR determines the level of effort by considering
general historical factors and the contractor’s performance history.
Directions: Using the COR Work Plan Best Practices, delegation letter, and QASP below, determine and develop
a COR work plan for the pharmacy flooring acquisition. Remember to address:
• Administrative information
• Historical factors
• Monitoring techniques
• Documentation of performance
• Areas of concern or conflict

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