American Economy Analysis Paper: Big Tech Firms’ Acquisition and Shifting Oligopoly

Part 1. Background information on the market
– collect information about
– size of the market (share of GDP, employment share, consumption if applicable);
– size over time (post WWII is a good benchmark);
– number of players in the market (monopoly, oligopolistic, many) and
– who are the main players.
– consult the Turabian reading (Canvas) on how to select sources
– be transparent about data issues
– people writing about
– Inequality Aspects—you are starting by looking at just the averages: per capita change in GDP, per capita
wealth OR maybe std of living measures
– Social Insurance (UBI and the stimulus check)—discuss how big the stimulus payment was, who was affected
(how many) OR data regarding one aspect of the debate you feel is most relevant for the argument
– Trade Policy—size of sector as share of GDP; changes over time (post WWII is a good benchmark)
– unusual topics: think through what you think is important and then run it by me (or a TA)
– 2 to 3 pages
Part 2. Political economy background I
– identify interest groups involved
– collect data on lobbying and/or campaign contributions from the groups
– tie in to collective action analysis
– consult the Turabian reading (Canvas) on how to select sources
– be transparent about data issues
– 3 to 4 pages
Part 3. Political economy background II
– collect data on voter preferences about the topic
– tie in with median voter analysis at the state and/or federal level
– identify relevant federal government agencies involved if applicable OR specify if state or local government
agencies apply (you need not track down the ones at these levels)
– consult the Turabian reading (Canvas) on how to select sources
12/19/2020 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing 4/6
– be transparent about data issues
– 2- 3 pages
Part 4. Analysis Paper
Include the sections above as background/used as you need it and the criteria listed below:
Use at least 5 academic articles to construct your argument in this part of the paper.
1. Normative considerations (5%)
2. Efficiency analysis (25%)
3. Strength of argument presented (5%)
– the paper will be evaluated on how well you apply concepts learned in class to the topic you are exploring.
– Secondary considerations include:
– appropriate use of academic literature (and other sources) and
– structure of the argument (including treatment of alternative policies).
– The paper should be about 15 pages,

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