A critical review, looking at how digital learning raises the achievement of learners in education

Raising the Achievement of Learners
Try to start your title with:
• A critical review of…………………….and the extent to which it raises the achievement of learners.
Make sure your assignment provides details on raising the achievement of learners.
Depending on your chosen topic some questions you could ask
• Why is behaviour for learning important to the achievement of learners?
• To what extent does parental involvement assist in raising the educational outcomes of learners
• How can feedback as a form of assessment help raise achievement of learners within reading?
• The relationship between motivation and target setting in raising the achievement of learners
• You can include briefly, theory and how it relates to your work setting
• Try doing a quick search via One Search and Google. Is there a breadth of reading around your subject? how much is out there?
• What is the status of your chosen area within your setting? Is it high profile? Does the school/government, sill council give time and resources to it? Do people have strong views on it? If it is a low profile, forgotten area of provision, will you have enough to comment on?
Critically analyse what is meant by achievement and understand and synthesise a range of factors that contribute to children’s achievement’
critically evaluate current research in the area of raising children’s achievement
demonstrate a systematic understanding of the contested nature of current thinking around inclusion. In your work setting what did you discover about, achievement
Attainment and inclusion

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