Introduction #8
This unit addresses the closing process of a project and the key success factors for managing projects.

Reading Assignment

Discussion Assignment #8

Read the article Improving Successful Project Completion: Lessons Learned from the Global Health Partnerships Program ( which describes how the Global Health Partnership program of the Pfizer foundation supported the efficient implementation and lessons learned across 31 cancer and tobacco control projects developed in Asia and Africa.
Based on the information presented address the following questions:

  1. What are the keys to evaluating the success of a project?
  2. Do you think they did a thorough job of articulating the ‘lessons learned’ given the information presented?
  3. The Global Health partnership program index assessed grantees’ projects success based on a systematic review of progress reports and anecdotal input from program managers and mentors. There is an inherent subjectivity to anecdotal inputs.
  • Explain your thoughts about the impact of subjectivity on the quality of the index given the subjectivity factor and consider both the pros and cons.  Given both sides, what is your stance on qualitative vs. quantitative type data in this type of reporting? Explain.
  1. The grantees of the Global Health Partnership program gave specific feedback about how the technical assistance contributed to their projects.
  • Based on that feedback, do you agree or disagree that these results should be extended to all grantees? And to other similar programs? Explain your perspective.


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