Korean traditional music and its strategy of musical expression

Please consult the prompt file that is attached below and read carefully what is required in the essay.
For the additional piece of a musical tradition, I choose Korean traditional music.
The writing assignment requires me to write: How my chosen musical tradition interacts with one of the
narrative threads that have been covered in class, and how the interaction compares with other musical traditions
learned in class.
I chose for the narrative thread:
strategies of musical representation/expression(of emotions, ideas, words, patrons, images)
For the other two traditions covered in class:
(Medival Polyphony, American Modernism of African American music).
Please read the attached reading file for the two types of music traditions and consult them while writing.
(For the Korean traditional music, you could freely search a paper or web document which you think fits my
essay the best, and cite it, but it should be about how the music expresses emotions, ideas or etc)
To sum up, my essay’s thesis is that Korean traditional music uses its own particular strategy in its musical
expression of different emotions and ideas, etc.
The essay should start off by explaining how Korean traditional music expresses human emotion and trigger
ideas and images in ourselves.
Then, it should shift into briefly introducing the two other traditions of music( medical philosophy, American
modernism of African American music) and how these two also play into the narrative thread that I chose.
The last part would be comparing Korean traditional music and the two other traditions of music in how each
expresses emotion and ideas differently and similarly

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