You will write a report on Lessons learnt: an investigation of an organisational change event

Managing Change and Crisis
Research-based Report
Lessons learnt: An investigation of an organizational change event
Assessment Aims
You will write a report on Lessons learnt: an investigation of an organisational change event. Apply to a real
scenario the concepts and theories such as (Use John Kotter theory to evaluate outcomes, but don’t use all 8 steps
and use only 2-3 steps in depth!)
( Use Nadler and Tushman theory to define change) (Please choose the narrower event ( internal change
(leadership) / technological change to analyse change event in more depth) You can use Mckinsey, Lewin theory
where appropriate. Also, please include an organisational timeline (as a chart, easy to understand) which
includes change events that happened during the organisation existence. The examples of how to write the report
(including theories applications, explanations and other details) will be attached – reports for Organisational
changes (see file Burberry, Triumph and AOL). Please note that the examples I am attaching are previous years,
so the structure has slightly changed and up to date structure is below. Moreover, please use credible sources, the
databases of academic journals for the research – do not rely solely on Internet search engines.
In this report, you will be required to (1) select an organisation attempt to do change, (2) provide a concise
summary of the organisation and the change event, (3) analyse the factors that led to the change, (4) evaluate the
success or otherwise of the change, (5) identify the factors that underpinned this outcome and (6) develop
recommendations (i.e., lessons learnt).
Report Structure and instructions will be attached as a document, please follow the structure and instructions
while completing a research paper!!

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