The War of the Union, 1861 – 1865

Answer the following question in a minimum 2-page essay. Read the question carefully and address all parts of
it. Makes sure you support what you state with evidence from the chapter or outside sources. List all sources
used on your Works Cited page.
Question: What were the respective advantages of the North and the South as the Civil War began, and how did
those advantages affect the military strategies of the Union and Confederacy?
All essays must conform to the MLA Style Guide—the requirements which you studied and used in your ENG
111 and 112 class.
All writing assignments – Essays – are a minimum of two pages (approximately 500 words, 12 point font,
double spaced lines) in length (not counting non-essay matter or Works Cited page).
This essay should include some of these topics below when answering the questions.
Choosing Sides.
Fighting in the West.
Fighting in the East.
The War Behind the Lines.
The Faltering Confederacy.
A Transforming War

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