The role of adults in children’s play and creativity

• Watching a video featuring a teacher talking with two boys during their imaginary play then writing an essay from your study of Chapters 9–13, answering the question:
• What is the teacher’s role AND what does she do to support children’s play? (2000 words)
Assignment guidance
Watch the video in which a teacher is talking with two boys during their imaginary play.
Pay particular attention to how the teacher interacts and listens to the children. You may want to watch the video several times.
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Write an essay from your study of Chapters 9–13 answering the question: What is the role of the teacher in the video, AND what does she do to support children’s play? (2000 words)
You should structure your essay around the subheadings outlined below.
Top tip: You may find it helpful to use the Essay grid for TMA 03 to help you structure your thoughts.
Essay structure
Introduction (200 words)
Briefly introduce what you are going to include in your essay. Are there key ideas and terms or key theorists and pioneers that you have found useful when considering the adult role?
Top tip: It is sometimes easier to write your introduction and conclusion after you have written the main part of your assignment because you then know exactly what you have included and why.
The teacher’s’s role(s) (500 words)
You must use and reference the module materials from Chapters 9–13 to support the points you are making in your essay. So, think about teacher’s role(s) in relation to how she listens to the children and how she responds. For example, how do you think she uses language to promote thinking and to help the children develop their ideas? For this first part of the essay do the following: How does the teacher support play and meaning making by her responses? (Horsley and Goodliff, 2017, Chapter 13 (2 REFRENCES).
Do you think that the teacher adopts a ‘playful pedagogy’? (Payler, 2017, Chapter 9 (2 refrences)).
Top tip: you learnt about the role of the adult and listening to children in Horsley (2017, Chapter 11 (1 refrence), so try to reference Chapter 11 in this subsection of your essay. Remember: you are considering the teacher’s role(s) in general, so introductory sentences to paragraphs (possibly 2) in this section might start, ‘One adult role undertaken is that of…’. Her specific actions and reactions are discussed in the next section.
5 refrences total!!f For this part
The teacher’s actions and reactions to the children (400 words)
Watch the video a number of times and note down all you hear and see the teacher do. Consider, for example, her physical actions, verbal responses, eye contact and how she encourages the children’s thinking through the language she uses. This section encourages you to start to be reflective
What could the teacher have done differently?
What do you think of her style of interaction?
How might she have reacted differently?
Can you give an example?
Can you justify and support your recommendations and suggestions by linking what you have read in Payler (2017, Chapter 10) (1 refrence)?
Top tip: Focus on an alternative role for the teacher. Consider writing two paragraphs here.
You learnt about how important it is to consider all of children’s experiences in Payler (2017, Chapter 9 (2 REFERENCES), and about making meaning from those experiences in Horsley and Goodliff (2017, Chapter 13 (2 REFRENCES)). Use the module materials from these chapters to reference the points you want to make.
A different approach (400 words)
From your reading of Payler (2017, Chapter 10 (1 REFRENCE)) about different approaches, reflect on where the teacher could have said something different or reacted in a different way during the play. Can you give an example? The teacher has her own style of interacting with the children; another practitioner might have asked different questions or introduced another topic of discussion or set this activity in a different environment.
Top tip: You might like to use a Pioneer here from McKeogh (2017, Chapters 3 and 4 (2 REFRENCES, one from chapter 3 and one from chapter 4..OK!!!)) in Block 1. Again, think of organising this section under two paragraphs.
Reflection (400 words)
Think about what the teacher says when she explains her approach to supporting children’s play. Why do you agree or disagree with her? Has your thinking been influenced by anything you have read during this module so far? Try to make links between your own views and what you have read in Chapters 9–13. Think of organising this section under two paragraphs.
(2 REFRENCES from CHAPTER 12, One for each paragraph)
Conclusion (200 words)
This should be a brief summary of what you have covered in your essay.
Remember, your tutor will be looking for you to have referenced the module materials from Chapters 9–13.

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