Social, Ethical and Political Issues in Healthcare _ Discussion 2

First, I would like to introduce myself and explain some of my past experiences and ethnic background so you
can understand my motives to represent the community I belong to.
My name is Mrs Jackson, like most of the girls on the world I grew-up with the desire to be part of a “perfect”
family, accompanied with a working husband with good labour conditions, healthy and happy kids around us
with prosperous educational opportunities and a life full of joy.
Nevertheless, as I became a teenager, also I became aware of the reality among me and the consequences it
would represent on my life.
Two years ago I lost my new-born, caused mainly by a low-birthweight (LBW) condition, when I received the
notice I was devastated and this enormous feeling encouraged me to represent and fight for others that may be
passing through the same experience I´ve lived.
The World Health Organization set a target to reduce LBW at 30% by 2025, to protect child health overall the
globe (Taha et al, 2020). This goal is difficult to achieve since the causes related to this condition are directly
linked with socio-economical characteristics of the mother and environment that surrounds their home, such as:
educational level, number of antenatal consultations and occupation of the mother (Eshete et al, 2019).
A meta-analysis evaluated the impact of community-based intervention programs targeted to reduce new-born
mortality, the results showed that including actions such as tetanus toxoid immunization, professional attention
of the new-born and mother and breastfeeding education, can reduce almost half of this deaths (Lassi et al,
This evidence supports my efforts within my community; therefore, I implore you to continue prioritizing and
funding the maternal and child health programs and avoid preventable deaths.
Which other alternatives you suggest to appropriately distribute the healthcare budget?

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