Research Report on Access to Justice and Legal Aid

Task Three: Research Report on Access to Justice and Legal Aid (1,000 words):
Write a 1000-word research report on the following subject. You should use your lectures, seminars and the
debate as a starting point for your research and be prepared to read widely. You will find more advice in the
document entitled ‘Research Report Tips’ in the Assessments folder on Moodle.
‘A significant proportion of the population cannot currently afford legal representation without making an
impossible choice between their human right to justice and supporting the basic needs of their family and loved
ones.’ (Law Centres Network, ‘Law for All: protecting the life you live’ (2020) <> accessed
19 August 2020). A report into the current state of legal aid in England and Wales.
In your research report, you should demonstrate that you have carried out sufficient research on this subject to be
able to offer an informed and educated appreciation on aspects of the state of civil and criminal legal aid in
England and Wales today.
Remember that this is a research report, and you are therefore expected to reference your sources using

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