King Lear authority and the corruption in the Arab world

My topic is about corruption and power in King Lear play and, how this reflect in Arab government.
We can see the power that corrupts the characters plays an extensive role throughout the play. We noticed that Goneril and Regan are corrupted by the power that their father offers to them . this power that he gives it to them makes them disloyal and deceitful. So the king offers his land to their daughters -but in return they must profess their love for him : ” I love you more than word can wield the matter , dearer than eyesight , space and liberty / As much as child e’er loved , or father found / Beyond all manner of so much I love you . ” Goneril , Act 1 Scene 1 , lines 56-63
” I am made of that self metal as my sister , and prize me at her worth / I find she names my very deed of love / l profess myself as an enemy to all other joys / And I d I find I am alone / In your dear Highness ‘ love . ” Regan , Act 1 Scene 1 , lines 72-80
‏The Truth is,
They don’t really love the king , but instead they love the power and the authority that the king gives them . Once the king had given the land to his daughters , the power that they have corrupts them . it is revealed that Goneril and Regan are both greed on the authority to obtain the land and the property of the king . and Through the love test conducted by the King we are able to see how blinded the king is from being able to see the truth of the daughters.
‏Regan and Goneril’s Abuse of Power
” Hear me , my Lord . What need you five – and – twenty , ten , or five , to follow in a house where twice so many have a command tend you ? Goneril , Act 2 Scene 4. lines 293-296
In this scene , the sisters demonstrate their abuse of power because they are trying to manipulate the king into giving up most of his knights in order to remain a resident in their castles . They tell him that if he doesn’t reduce his number of men to 25 , then he cannot live with Regan or Goneril . Doing this has taken away the remaining power that King Lear thought he could keep. It is clear that the king has made a mistake by stepping down from the throne and giving his power to two of his daughters that do not actually love him.and they don’t know anything about the political and economic position. doughters just wanted to become in control of Lear’s wealth and property.
. They just want the absolute power and this absolute power lead to the corruption in the land.
There a quotation I saw it while I was gaining information about my topic.and I think its related to it.
Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely .Lord Acton
There is a good deal of evidence that having power shuts of your empathy system so that you become insensitive to other people’s emotions, even their suffering .
‏ At the end of the play, England is a land closely resembling an apocalyptic state. In this world, social and political order has collapsed; power is no longer desired and no-one wants to rule the devastated kingdom. It could be argued that Lear delivers his country into chaos when he hands over power to Goneril and Regan. They are given custody but are most unsuitable custodians. As the play moves from order to chaos, nature reflects the human world.

Arab government do not reflect genuine democratic practices that lend legitimacy to the regime.
-This is true for monarchies where the king and his associates are granted massive executive, legislative, and supervisory powers.that means They are controlled of the important decisions related to social, economic and political affairs of the people.
-It is also true for republican rule that is based on the one party rule, which is derived from the power of the tribe, family, or a specific ideology.
So in the Arab government ,when we looking at the long period of time a country is ruled by one head of state, one political party, or one military leader, it is safe to conclude that these regimes use similar means to remain in power. As I mentioned that These means are generally based on control of important decisions related to social, economic and political affairs. This group, by abusing power entrusted by capitalizing on their peoples’ misery and concern in securing a living for their families, which indirectly forced them to stay away from participating in the management of public affairs,which is the ultimate political corruption.
As time passed, this was no longer a passing phenomenon, but rather a phenomenon linked to the symbols of the regime and its supporters. This is reinforced by the long periods of the government for the president or king to remain in power, as these countries do not hold true elections that lead to changing the ruler ,but he remains in his position for many years till he stepping down and gives it to one of the. This phenomenon became widespread to include systems of republics as well as part of what became known as “inherited authority”
And the most six Arab countries that has a high political corruption systems is: Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen, Lebanon and Palestine

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