Did your colleague cover the main ideas and argument? Give reasons for your answers. What did your colleague do well and how could this have improved?

Organizational change and characteristics of leadership effectiveness
What are the main ideas and argument presented in this article?
This article is written by Professor Gilley, McMillan and Jerry from different
university in United State. Throughout my reading, this article focuses on exploring
leaders’ effectiveness in implementing change and point out skills and abilities they use
to impact the performance (Gilley et al, 2009).
In the article, the authors make an argument that leaders abilities and skills are
highly demanded to succeed the effectiveness. in address this argument, they have
reviews many research on organizational change, leadership abilities and skills and then
conducted questionnaire survey to draw conclusion for their argument. First, Gilley et al
(2009) describes the purpose of the organizational change is to achieve competitive
advantage. However, it is required numerous complexities of activities which is critical to
be succeed. Moreover, they have pointed out three different types of change such as
transitional, transformational and development change. Then, they have explored skills
and abilities of leaders by reviewing many article base on their behaviors and the data
shows that many leaders lack in those skills. For further study and prove on their research,
the authors designed the questionnaires survey to prove on their opinions. They have
designed 36 survey questions relate to organization specific and manager specific. The
sample size of review was 470 people with various range of ages, genders and positions
in companies. Even though the survey conducts with limit sample, but the results still
acceptable. The result shows that many leaders are still struggle in implementing change
and abilities of leaders that succeed implement change are motivate, communicating,
team building and coaching. Therefore, the authors have suggested that interpersonal
skills of leaders are significant for successful in organizational change since it required
employees and employers to act together and leaders play important role to motivate,
communicate, support and team building (Gilley et al, 2009).
Why do you think this article is important and relevant to management in an
international context?
This article is really important and relevant because there are quite competitive for
local and international companies in recent year and they need to upgrade and change
in order to survive and stay competitive. Moreover, companies will lose their competitive
advantage in market if their operations remain the same or change slowly. Gilley et al
(2009) have mentioned that many organizations are trying to change but they are fail to
achieve it so it gives a conclusion that organization have known change is important. In
addition, leaders need to caution in any level of change process because the process
might affect the entire organization (Khan et al, 2017). The interpersonal skills that have
mentioned is not only significant for organizational change, but it also improves
organizational performance because leaders with interpersonal skills could improve team
building and increase employee involvement (Gilley et al, 2009).
In overall, this article gives significant information that all level managers could
understand and be able to implement. It shows leaders interpersonal skills and behaviors
are important for effective change. However, the article should be included the factors
that lead to organizational change with real companies as an example.
Gilley, A., McMillan, H. S., & Gilley, J. W. (2009). ‘Organizational change and
characteristics of leadership effectiveness.’ Journal of leadership & organizational
studies, 16(1), 38-47.
Khan, S. T., Raza, S. S., & George, S. (2017). ‘Resistance to Change in Organizations:
A Case of General Motors and Nokia.’ International Journal of Research in Management,
Economics and Commerce, 7(1), 16-25.

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