ACE’s and positive outcomes

This is what my dissertation chair says that I need in order for my proposal to be approved: “You need to hire an
editor or someone to help you integrate this more. You need to identify what the point of your research is? (My
point is that values and resilience go hand and hand, and moderate ACE’s negative impact at some level).
You need to say what you expect to find from the results. Not just to evaluate the results of surveys. (I expect to
find out that self-achievement, benevolence, and universalism values are prevalent among people with a history
of ACEs). What do you want to find out from these surveys? (I am trying to find if values and resilience
attributes are strong predictors of wellbeing among people with childhood adversity histories. What is it you are
trying to learn overall? In addition, your resiliency theory and Values Theory section are weak. You need to
spend more time elaborating that as it is too superficial”

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