Which of the cases interpreting Katz do you most agree with and why? Support your answer with facts from the case.

Question must be typed using normal (12 pt.) font and margins. These are essay questions so I expect
appropriate use of full sentences and paragraphs. Up to 10% of your exam grade can be deducted for excessive
grammatical errors, or errors that interfere with the ability of the reader to understand your arguments. Proofread
and edit your papers! In addition, answers should cite to your sources of information. The exam is based on the
reading materials from the course and discussion threads. Although you may use outside sources if you wish,
they are not required.
1. Which of the cases interpreting Katz do you most agree with and why? Support your answer with facts from
the case.
2. Address the hypotheticals raised in Note 11 on page 183 (see second full paragraph). Would you find
sufficient probable cause for the search for an atomic bomb? The search for a stash of cocaine? Do you believe
the existence of probable cause should be based on a sliding scale depending on the seriousness of the crime as
suggested in the Note? Why or why not?
3. Suppose that a police officer, based on his or her personal observations, reasonably suspects (but lacks
probable cause to believe) that a customer in a store is about to shoplift some merchandise. Under Terry v. Ohio,
may the officer briefly detain the customer for questioning? May the officer pat down the suspected shoplifter?
Support your answer. In answering this question, think of the original basis of Terry compared to the broader
interpretation of the ruling in later cases.
4. What does it mean when we say defense attorneys are required to zealously represent their clients? Based on
the readings and threaded discussions, what, if any, limitations would you put on what attorneys can or cannot
do when defending their clients? Support your answer.
5. Of all of the cases we have studied this semester (you may include note cases here), which one do you most
agree with and why. Do not use a case you used in questions 1 or 2. ( The case that I
6. most agree with is, Mapp v Ohio) Please right about the Mapp v Ohio case.

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