Safeguarding children with learning disability

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Reflective Essay: Safeguarding children with learning disability
Joe is a 10-year-old boy with learning disability who goes to a school for people with learning disability. Joe suffers from seizures. He has cerebral pulse. Difficulties in communication. He is on epilepsy medication and recently. Joe has bruises which have not be explained and his arm is hurting.
What to look at/ consider the following
School nurse
Any record of previous fitting
Is it abuse, neglect, or rough play with sibling and peers?
Accidental fall, abuse from teachers or carers, unwitnessed -was it checked out
Fracture was it reported in time, evidence of the report
Have meds been reviewed, is it working well, is he taking it?
Does the school have concerns over the parents/ do parents have concerns over the school?
Injuries are they innocently/ deliberately
Joe needs A—-e assessment, weighed and height measured. Is he known to Multiagency Safeguarding hub (MASH)? i.e., police, social worker, victim support, housing probation, education worker
Does he need referral to local authority?
Make sure the story about bruising and fracture fit
Raise the issue and escalate it, Safeguarding report

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