Learning Miscellany

Can you reduce the
word count for the supply and demand section but maintain same structure, and then complete the
macroeconomic statistics section following the same structure of the supply and demand section. Max word
count 2500.
Selection, introduction and explanation of appropriate concepts / theories etc.
Appropriate in what concepts are used for / in showing module objectives. Introduce and explained for use and
concisely – not lecturing on it, using appropriate citation.
Application of theory/concepts appropriateness, concreteness, correctness etc.
Concreteness of example – appropriate explanation and if appropriate empirical sources. Correctness in
application. Usefulness/value in application.
Critical thinking
Reflecting and evaluation of theories / concepts / way of thinking / sources / own practice/ own learning /
societal impact / etc. Use and selection of sources in terms of peer-reviewed academic research, information
from other modules / information sources generally .
Style use appropriate – academic, considered argument, avoidance of distraction and overclaims, citation,
referencing, formal English, grammar, spelling etc. Concision. Appropriate format in terms of word count, file
etc. Structure- overall, paragraphs, sentences.Persuasiveness

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