Globally and nationally across the world, there is an Energy Transition happening at the moment – what are some of the key legal challenges that for this at a national and international level?

General Writing Tips – For submitting Work to Me
Always put your name in the document & course code in the title of any file you
send to me
General Rules:
• Ensure you use headings, subheadings etc.
o 3-4 pages of straight text is not recommended
• Number your sections, 1. Introduction, 2. Literature Review
o The first section should be 1.1 and not 1.0
• You do not need to use CAPLOCKS in your headings
• Use Times New Roman as your text, size 12
• For footnotes use Times New Roman as your text, size 10
• All text should be aligned and single-spaced (footnotes should also be aligned
and single spaced).
• If you put in an Abstract – 200 words maximum
• Please ensure your introduction always explains what you are doing in this
• Please ensure your introduction to each section always explains what you are
doing in this section
• Your sections should be balanced and please ensure paragraphs are not too
• Your essay should have a clear conclusion that should be at least 10% (10-
15%) of the essay in terms of word count
• Have clear structure in your essay as this will help you to identify the key
points overall
Referencing style:
• Whichever referencing style you are used to please continue with that
• If in doubt however, please use the following:
• Try and avoid excessive reliance on the same source – I should not expect to
see the same source relied upon more than 3 times in a row (if this is the case,
please read more in general and from another source)
• Generally, for every 100 words there should be a new reference, so for an
4,000 words you should have 40 references minimum (otherwise have you
been reading???!)
• Use different sources from international reports, to subject specific, law,
economic, policy etc. but ensure you also utilise databases such as not just your own discipline databases
• Every Table, Figure, Diagram needs to be numbered and have a title on top
and a source underneath.
• You must refer to every Table, Figure etc. within the text of your essay as well
(usually before I see the Table, Figure)
• An ‘internet’ source needs to be properly referenced – a website address is not

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