Current Status of My Personal, Integrative Model of Psychotherapy.

(Use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for my Primary therapy orientation, integrating elements of Existential
therapy, Acceptance and Commitment therapy, schema (not constructivism) therapy, REBT, Person-centered
therapy, and narrative therapy.
The paper should be titled: Current Status of My Personal, Integrative Model of
The paper shall be written as a scholarly paper in APA (7th ed.) style. While personal opinions
are acceptable they should be accompanied by a marker such as: In my opinion…
Otherwise assertions should be supported by one or more citations. Citations
should be supported by a page number (paragraph number on web pages) in
addition to mention of authorship and publication date (e.g. Vandenbos et al.,
2018, p. 222). While APA only requires page citations for direct quotes, the course
standard is to promote good habits of scholarship by requiring page numbers
with all citations. Citation references will be randomly checked.
A detailed rubric for this paper will be posted in the Google folder
The paper should be between 14-17 pages long not counting title page, abstract or
references. Papers outside the assigned page range will be returned unread for
revision. Papers with more than 10 combined typos or citation errors may be returned
partially unread for revision and penalized ½ grade (e.g. an otherwise “A” paper
would become an “A-” paper).
Some class reading authors:
ON CBT: DiGiuseppe, R., David, D., & Venezia, R. (2016). Cognitive theories. In APA handbook of clinical
psychology: Theory and research., Vol. 2. (pp. 145–182). American Psychological Association. (Permalink): 25841-006&site=ehost-l

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