An integrative literature review in a selected, field-specific area of nursing or nursing practice which should
include, identification of that area, why it was selected and considered to be a problem area, and generation of
related research question(s). Thereafter, a systematic outline of the literature search process should be provided.
Following this, there should be an evaluation of the evidence i.e. a diverse range of research studies
(quantitative, qualitative and mixed-method) with a succinct systematic outline of their respective methods
(study design/approach, sampling method, data collection method(s) and key findings. Students must select and
include in the main body of their review 5 primary research studies and each selected study (quantitative and
qualitative) should have their methods outlined and critically evaluated in the text following the systematic
stages of the research process:
Firstly, the primary research study must be referenced and then the students should include information in
relation to the type of study design/approach (including Aim and Objectives), the type of sampling method used,
the study population recruited for the study (n-?) and the primary related socio-demographic characteristics of
the study population outlined. The ethical considerations for the research participants and if an ethical approval
was granted for the study should be also described. The data collection method(s) should be also identified and
briefly what it/they individually sought to investigate or measure. The type of data analysis and the strategies
used to analyse the data as well as the final number of the participants should be also mentioned. The study
findings/results should be succinctly outlined as well as the respective methodological strengths and limitations
and brief explanations as to why these were strengths or shortcomings. Students also need to include other
sources to support their point of view and to compare and contrast the results of the primary research studies
with other research studies related to their topic using critical analysis and discussion, as this essay should not be
descriptive. Therefore, the key findings of the studies (primary and secondary) should be carefully examined,
compared and contrasted in a critical way, which needs to fulfil the main aim and objectives of their review.
The role of the nurse, the role of the multi-disciplinary team and the clinical implications of the reviewed
findings should be considered in the field-specific area of nursing/healthcare practice selected.
The clinical implications of the reviewed findings should be considered in the field-specific area of
nursing/healthcare practice selected. Continued gaps in clinical and research knowledge should be identified and
linked to suggested, specific directions for future clinical development/innovation and research in the topic area
identified (4,000 words).

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