Topic 1: Prepare for Success on your Unit 9 Assignment

Topic 1: Prepare for Success on your Unit 9 Assignment

When you engage in a team project, whether for work or school, you want to provide support for your teammates, acknowledge their contributions by pointing out strengths in their work, and offer original, thoughtful feedback that will benefit the entire team.

The ability to collaborate effectively is a crucial professional skill, and this week’s discussion will help you to build those skills. Review the Unit 9 Assignment Instructions. Then, use the following downloadable Brainstorming Chart to help you generate ideas for your Unit 9 Assignment.


Once you have brainstormed and decided on the one specific problem and solution you will write about, post a two to three paragraph rough draft of your Unit 9 Assignment so that your classmates and instructor can review your ideas and offer you suggestions for revision.

Use these suggestions to strengthen your draft, make it more persuasive, and prepare it for the final stages of the writing process, (editing and proofreading), so it is ready for submission as your Unit 9 Assignment. Brainstorming Chart What organization do you imagine yourself working for in this assignment, and what is one specific problem you think needs attention in this organization? Who is your audience and what information would motivate her to want to make a change in the organization? What is the one specific recommendation/solution you are proposing and why do you think it will work? What one source will help you show this recommendation is reasonable? What information about the solution will you need to provide to motivate the audience to approve your idea?

Be sure to also assess your process on the Unit 9 Assignment at this point. Review the Unit 9 Assignment rubric and explain what you have done so far to meet/exceed requirements there and what you will need to do to meet/exceed ALL expectations outlined in the Unit 9 Assignment rubric. Remember that your goal should be to post your initial discussion by Saturday so you have time to focus on other tasks.

Remember to include a relevant open-ended question that helps your classmates help you with improving your main point and development of ideas. Also refer to and cite specific Unit reading concepts in your post to help show you are applying these concepts and to give you practiiquce with using and citing sources.

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