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Student ePortfolio Pages:
• About me section (5 pts.)
– Provide basic bio data and statement about your life aspirations including your interest/experience with technology and computers. ePortfolio is your personal Web presentation, so the content on your homepage is supposed to be compelling and motivating for the viewers. (200-300 words)
– Please include your professional picture (3 pts.)
• Career Goals (6 pts.)
– Discus your professional goals and interest, future career or dream job. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (200-300 words)
• My Courses (6 pts.)
– Provide a complete list of your courses (Core & courses within your major) that you took so far.
• Experiential Learning: This is a blank page (2 pts.)
• Resume: (6 pts.)
– Upload your resume. If you don’t have a resume please create one.
• Contact: (2 pts.)
– Email is required. Cell number & address are optional.
NOTE: Please link EME2040 course ePortfolio to your Student ePortfolio
Course ePortfolio Pages:
ePortfolio consists of six pages provided in the following order:
• About the Course (or home page) (5 pts.)
• Presentation (5 pts.)
• Images (5 pts.)
• Storytelling (5 pts.)
• Productivity Tools (5 pts.)
• Mobile Apps (5 pts.)
* Reflections: You should provide reflection for the following projects outlined in this rubric: Presentation, Images, Storytelling, Productovity Tools, Mobile Apps. Reflections should be between 200-500 words.
* About the Course or Home page includes responses to the following questions: What is your impression of the educational technology field? What did you learn in this course and how do you plan to apply this knowledge or these skills to advance your future learning or professional activities? Your response may be in an essay format with total length of 350-500 words
Total available points (60)

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