Residential property portfolio – asset management

Each student will select a medium-sized town or area in London and will produce a report of 2000 words on the
‘management’ of a portfolio of properties in that area.
The portfolio/group of properties should be a residential estate or portfolio, either private or public
ownership/management and must be a mixture of freehold and leasehold tenures.
You will assume that you have been asked to take over the management in focus and that you are preparing a
report considering inter alia;
The type of properties
The type of tenants
Tenure types
The relationships (landlord, tenant and managing agents)
The current management arrangement in terms of service charges and others you are
deemed appropriate.
Management problems
Incorporating the ‘added value’ component in terms of the investments via innovative ideas
HMO’s and repairs
A clear ‘conclusion and recommendation’ as to the action to be taken and should be positive
in nature.
This coursework carries 25% of the module marks. Up to 2,000 words maximum, please. Hand in date by 1 pm,
8th December 2020 on Turnitin. The feedback will be available on the 29th December 2020.
Assessment Criteria
The extent to which the student demonstrates that he/she can:
Identify the geographical area and portfolio size incorporating maps, photos, links and anything else to
support your portfolio. (25%)
Accurately describe and explain how your residential portfolio is managed – You must include the type of
properties, tenants, Tenure types, management arrangements, problems, added-value, HMO’s and repairs. (25%)
Apply the case and statute law where appropriate. The techniques and practices relating to property
management focusing on the relationship between the landlord, tenant and the managing agents (incorporate all
the relevant law) (25%)
Clear conclusion and recommendations with Harvard referencing throughout your report. (25%)`
Each Assessment Criteria carry 25% weight. Learning Outcomes
The successful student will be able to:
Identify and analyse the specific requirements for the successful management of the residential property.
Identify and analyse the specific requirements for the successful management on beha
Explain and evaluate the methodologies applicable to properties under the Housing Acts.
Demonstrate an understanding of the case and statute law and the appropriate techniques and practices
relating to property managemen

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