Norton Critical Edition Introduction (Preface) with 5 Accompanying Materials

Critical Edition of Text Final Project
This project is based on the Norton Critical Edition publications. You will find a selection of
them at this website: so that you
can understand what goes into such an edition.
Your critical edition is an abridged adaptation of a Norton edition, but the idea is similar. Your
role is to be the “editor” of a primary text (either one that we have read and discussed in class or
one of your choosing). You are required to create a critical edition of this text by including these
• An editor’s introduction to the text (a scholarly analysis of the text, its significance, and
guidance on how a reader can engage it most productively); this editor’s introduction
should be ~ 2,000 words.
• At least 5 accompanying verbal, visual, or other materials that help to contextualize the
selected text and situate it within socio-cultural, historical, and political contexts. You
can list these items with a full citation without including them in their entirety. However,
for each selected accompanying item, write a ~75-word rationale for why you believe this
item provides a useful context for understanding the selected primary text.

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