Media History in New York City

You will write a 5 to 7 page essay examining the history of a particular media form through the lens of New
York City. This could mean the role of New York City in the history of media, the role of media in the history of
New York City or some combination of both. There is a wide range of possible topics, but choose a time frame
before the year 2000. You might explore the daily life of printmakers in colonial New York, the planning that
went into telephone line construction, the first Chinese language newspapers, the work of an early film studio, or
the building of an Internet hub. Avoid broad topics. For example, rather than covering the entire history of radio
broadcasting in NYC, choose a single time period, the 1930s, a single radio station, WNYC, or a single program,
the Jack Benny Show. Do not copy Wikipedia!
Since this is a relatively short paper, you will rely primarily on secondary sources. That means rather than
conducting your own historical research with primary sources, you will rely on research conducted by others.
You may include primary sources if you like (diaries, letters, government documents, etc.), but you must find at
least 5 scholarly sources through the NYU library. These sources will be part of your Annotated Bibliography
(see below). You do not have to refer to all of these sources in your paper, but any information that is not
common knowledge should have a reference using APA or MLA citation style.
Research is supported with citations.
Presents media history in lively fashion by connecting it to New York City.
Topic has a strong and clear focus.
Uses clear and concise language, lacks grammatical errors and is well organized.
Annotated Bibliography
At least 5 scholarly sources must be found through the NYU library (more than five can bring grade from A to
A+). These can be books, book chapters or articles. Encyclopedia articles and book reviews do not count.
After providing a full citation of each article and book found while researching your topic, summarize the main
points and how it is relevant to your research topic. These summaries should be at least a paragraph. DO NOT
Attach the title page of each article to the back of your annotated bibliography. Please do not attach a
photograph–either print or photocopy the original page.
For more on annotated bibliographies and to see examples look here:

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