Leading Complex Care in Mental Health Nursing

Leading Complex Care in Mental Health Nursing
In order to pass this assignment, you will need to:
• Select an appropriate multi agency meeting (such as a care review) relating to a person with complex mental
health needs, schizophrenia with diabetes)
• That is, you need to build up accurate case study where you will demonstrate an ability to record and analyse
the interactions, processes and decisions required and made to ensure that appropriate care was arranged for the
individual with mental illness you have chosen. It could be schizophrenia patient. Who are the professionals
involved in his/her care, what’s their role and how do they support the patient? You as a student what is your
role, what support did you give and your experience. what have you gained from it?
• A full case study of mental health patient experiencing a mental health problem, it could be schizophrenia or
• A detail analysis of care and treatment provided to support the patient by the healthcare professionals.
• Who are the healthcare professionals involved and what type of support do they provided to support the patient
in question.
• What is the participation of the patient and experiencer during service provided using person centered care
• What was the involvement and contribution of the patient family.
• What is the outcome of the whole service towards the recovery of the patient.
• What kind of support did you give as a student and how can you describe your experience.

• Demonstrate a critical ability to understand the scope of the role of the mental health nurse.
• Your work must be reference with Harvard reference, as many as possible.
Recommended Reading
Core text – this unit is supported by the following core text:
• Whitebead D, Weiss S, Tappen R (2010) Essentials of Nursing Leadership and Management 5th edn F A Davis
Company, Philadelphia
12/14/2020 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing
https://www.writershub.org/writer/orders/679170#instructions 4/5
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• Safford MM (2015). The Complexity of Complex Patients. Journal of General Internal Medicine. ,30(12) , pp.
• Walker. S., Carpenter.D and Middlewick.Y. (2015). Clinical Assessment and Decision Making in Mental
• Hulatt I (2014) Mental Health Policy for Nurses, London, SAGE
• www.leadershipacademy.nhs.uk
• www.england.nhs.uk

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