Institutional logic and University – Community Engagement

A literature review on how community engagement is shaped by institutional logic. The paper is a book chapter
of a PhD thesis that looks at how community engagement is shaped by institutions’ circumstances, history and
resources endowments. Also how management of universities and community organisation shape the type of
relationships (university-community engagement) is organised and executed. The focus of the chapter is general
however it specifically looks at universities in sub-Saharan Africa.
The chapter then moves to look at how three mechanisms – Participation, Partnerships and Collaboration (PPC) –
are employed by universities in engaging communities (in the light of their institutional logic).
The end aim of the chapter is to develop an analytical model for university – community engagement using the
three mechanisms supported by institutional logic.
I have written the paper already, but according to my supervisors,
1. The logical flow is missing and there are parts that need editing to fit the explanation above. For example,
Social Capital should be completely removed in the text.
2. The logical link between institutional logic and the three mechanisms is also missing.
3. There are too many items used (key concepts) that distract the reader from the main point: that university –
community engagement is shaped by institutional logic and that universities use different mechanisms to engage
fitting with the logics of the institutions. Other important missing key concepts are such as how stakeholders
influence the logic of engagement
4. The discussion that European and American institution affect how universities engage is false and should be
edited completely. What is needed is the role of external and internal financiers/donors on how they influence
the logic of engagement
4. Finally an analytical framework on how and why universities engage communities is missing.
These parts need to be added.
The attached readings (in pdf) should be a guiding principle in the discussion on institutional logic. This theory
should form the backbone of the whole thesis and thus should be extensively discussed leading to the three
mechanisms and consequently to the analytical model for university – community engagement

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