informal impressions of clients environment

The purpose of this assignment is to orient and accustom you to thinking about individuals and
systems as
interdependent and to provide you with a three-dimensional lens for understanding your client.
You will
discuss your informal impressions of the client’s environment, gather data about this
environment, and share
your general impressions of the data collected and how this information may affect the client
and your work
with them. Please complete all three sections outlined below.
Part I (one to two pages): Begin by walking around the neighborhood/community where your
client lives
and where your agency is located; what do you observe? (If your client does not live in the
where your agency is located, you may study either community or both communities.)
Questions to think about for Part I:
● What is the physical appearance, noise level, and density of the neighborhood?
● How might your client experience themselves in context of this community? For example,
might your
client feel a sense of belonging or a sense of being an outsider?
● What is your experience of walking around this neighborhood?
Part II (one to two pages): Gather data about the community using websites along with various
informants in the agency or neighborhood. You can use government census data, national data
particular populations, and local/community websites around areas of specific interests.
Questions to think about for Part II (not necessary to answer all questions):
● What is the ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic makeup of the community in which you are
● What is the fiscal budget for public education in this area? How does it compare to budgets of
● What are the concerns, if any, relative to environmental justice in this community?
● If a client has a medical need, where is the closest health center/hospital? Is this health
accessible? Does it offer culturally and linguistically appropriate services?
● If a client has a housing- and/or food-related need, what services are available and
accessible? How far
would a client need to travel to access fresh food?
● If a client needs to access child care and/or elder care services, what is available and
Part III (three to four pages): Write a brief overview of your general impressions and of the data
collected and how this exercise might impact your work. Be sure to include references to the
readings to
support your ideas.
Questions to think about for Part III:
● Please identify some of the needs of your client. Please include the individual, family,
community, and
system-level needs. If you do not yet have a client, what are some of the needs that are
common among
the clients who seek social work services at your placement?
● What is the goodness of fit between the client’s needs and available resources, or lack
● Are there ways in which the client’s identified problems make more sense when considered in
● Have your ideas about interventions for your client and their her community evolved?

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