Contribution of Wellness and Emotional Intelligence in the Educational Management System

Week 3: Purpose and Significance of the Capstone (Module 3)
How will your capstone make an original contribution to the research in your field?
In this module you will identify the purpose and the significance of your study. The purpose statement must include the variables in your capstone and how you will measure them for a quantitative study, or it must include the need for increased understanding of the topic for a qualitative study.
As you prepare your purpose statement, keep in mind that the purpose should be a concise sentenceon the overall purpose or intention of the study, which will serve as the connection between the problem being addressed and the focus of the study.
• In quantitative studies, state what needs be studied by describing two or more factors (variables) and a conjectured relationship among them related to the identified gap in practice or problem.
• In qualitative studies, describe the need for increased understanding about the issue to be studied, based on the identified gap or problem.
• In mixed-methods studies, with both quantitative and qualitative aspects, clarify how the two approaches will be used together to inform the study.
As you prepare your prospectus document significance section, consider how this study will contribute to filling the gap in practice identified in the problem statement:
• What original contribution will this study make in the local setting?
• How will this research support professional education practice or allow practical application at the local site?
• There must be a clear audience who will benefit specifically from your findings or project deliverable; share what ways, specifically, your audience will benefit.
• How might the potential findings lead to positive social change?
• State the anticipated significance of your findings only. Avoid descriptions of ancillary “domino effects,” which may exaggerate your study’s influence.
• Review the EdD Prospectus Guide.>
Learning Objectives
Students will:
• Describe the purpose and significance of their capstone
• Align elements of their capstone
Assignment: Using the Design Alignment Tool to Guide Prospectus Development
To Prepare
• Continue your work on your prospectus. Please make sure to use any feedback you received on the previous components of your prospectus. Add the purpose and significance to your title, problem statement, and evidence of the problem. Follow the annotated outline in the EdD Prospectus Guide and update the draft number and date in the file name.
• Begin to complete the Design Alignment Tool for your capstone study.
Save it on your computer with an appropriate naming convention (e.g., DoeJDATDraft1MMDDYY). While you will submit your Design Alignment Tool (DAT) in Module 8, your work on it now will inform your prospectus. The DAT serves as your outline for the prospectus document as you move forward.

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