– Survey the effectiveness of differing project management strategies

After digging deeper into the discussion of Quality Management this module will compare and contrast a
number of Quality Management strategies that are used widely in the Project Management field: LEAN and Six
When considering the PMI Project Management model, in this competency, Planning and Execution overlap. In
Planning, the Project Manager determines which project management style would be most effective for his or
her project and begins to execute that project plan.
This competency also examines the importance of building quality management into the project processes and
execution. There are a number of project management methodologies from which to choose, each methodology
has its pros and cons. There can be strong arguments made for employing each methodology in just about every
project situation.
Why you choose a particular methodology is just as important as which methodology you choose to implement.
The Project team, and especially the project manager, need to understand the goals of the project clearly for
them to be able to choose the most appropriate methodology to employ.
If you were to ask 10 people to define Quality, chances are, you would get 10 different answers. You would,
however, get a common thread, and that it is the ability to satisfy a need without errors. Identifying, reducing
and eliminating errors is the focus of quality management in this module.
In projects like the Legacy Data Archiving scenario project, it is imperative to understand first, the quality of the
data from which you start so that you can match or improve that quality in the finished product. Second, the
quality of the data that you end up with.
Please see attached file for more in structions

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