Motion in Limine

Following the Motion to Dismiss hearing, Fine received an Order from the Court denying the defendant’s Motion. Consequently, the case will continue to trial unless a settlement is reached.
Fine also learned that the defendant plans to introduce at trial new witness that was not previously identified during the discovery process. Fine wants to file a Motion in Limine to preclude the testimony of the newly identified witness.
Fine asks you to take responsibility for the Motion in Limine. Before writing the Motion in Limine for Stormi’s case, you need to conduct legal research to become familiar legal grounds for Motions in Limine.
The week 7 facts are above.
Below this line are the actual instructions for the assignment, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.
The Motion in Limine must include supporting Maryland case law that you identified in your research (review Learning Activity, week 7, above.)
You do not need to present the information in a pleading and caption format.
The Motion must include the following sections:
Submit the Motion in Limine to Attorney Fine for review and discussion with the legal team using a cover page for the Motion in the following format:
TO: Marty Fine, Esq.
FROM: (your name), Paralegal
RE: Stormi Waller Case/Motiiquon in Limine

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