Leadership & Int. Competence Final Paper Purpose

My goal is for you to be able to articulate how you will invest in being a leader who is interculturally
competent. This paper will challenge you to move through thinking about consciousness of self, other,
and context (EIL model) as you consider what it means to you to be an interculturally competent leader.
In this assignment, you are essentially creating a “new person” and then thinking through how you
would lead this person. Specifically, what knowledge, skills, and awareness would you need to be an
effective interculturally competent leader to this person. This assignment is a combination of a research
paper as well as a reflective paper, so you will have to ensure that you strike a balance. Here are some
more directives. Note , you must meaningfully use course concepts in your paper. It should be clear that
you have been a part of this class.
• I am going to give you a *table with a list of identifiers that relate to age, race, nationality, etc.
You are going to pick 4 identifiers from the list (all must be from separate categories), and you
are going to research what life might be like for this person. *This is already available in D2L in
the “Assignments & Rubrics” folder.
• In your paper, you will present your research findings about your new person, then you will
discuss the knowledge, skills, and awareness you will need to effectively lead this person.
Additionally, you will also need to discuss any similarities or differences you might have with this
• You will then discuss how you are currently prepared, and where you will need to do additional
work to prepare yourself to be an effective interculturally competent leader.

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