Language Analysis

ASSIGNMENT 1 Title: Language Analysis
Length: 1000 words (approx.)
In order to teach grammar or vocabulary effectively in the classroom, you need to have thought about when we use it, what it means, how it is pronounced and how it is formed. You also need to have thought about how you are going to present this information verbally and visually in a way that is suitably clear for the level.
On the next page is a typical text that you might use in class. Look at the items in the table on the following pages and for all 3 grammatical structures and all 3 lexical items (underlined and in bold in the text):
• Analyse the meaning (in this context) of the target item
• Analyse the form and pronunciation of the item as you would on the whiteboard
• Identify any problems students may have with meaning, form and pronunciation and provide realistic solutions
• State which references you have used to help you in your analysis.
An example has been done with a grammar structure (page 3).
This assignment counts towards the TP Module AND the CELTA.
They have the same criteria. For both, you need to demonstrate learning by:
 analysing language correctly for teaching purposes
 correctly using terminology relating to form, meaning and pronunciation when analysing language
 accessing reference materials and referencing information they have learned about language to an appropriate source
 using written language that is clear, accurate and appropriate to the task
For the TP module, you will be given a mark out of 100 in the same way as other university modules. This assignment is worth 20% of your overall grade for this module.
For the CELTA, you will be marked as PASS or RESUBMIT. You need to meet ALL the criteria to pass. If you do not meet all the criteria, you will need to resubmit the work and attempt to address the omissions. Resubmitting for CELTA is a common occurrence, often requires you just to focus on one area, and is seen as formative and useful for your teaching practice.
You need to pass three out of four assignments to be eligible for the CELTA qualification.
Note that this provides the context for the words so will help you choose the right meaning / function to focus on.
Berlin, 14th July
Dear Ian,
It was great to hear from you. I’m sorry I haven’t written sooner, but my mother hasn’t been very well, so I’ve been looking after her. She’s a lot better now.
I was so pleased to hear about your promotion. You deserve it – you’ve worked so hard at that job. Well Done! I wish you were here so we could go out and celebrate.
Actually, I’ve got some good news too – I’ve got a new job! You know I was fed up with my old one. Well, one day I was looking through the ads in my local paper when I saw a job for an English school administrator. As you know, I’ve been looking for a job where I could use my English. So I applied for the job and got it. I’m really enjoying it and I’ve already learnt loads of new things. I have to answer the phone, send out information and deal with any problems students have. Actually, if I hadn’t got the job, I’d have gone to live with my brother in England.
By the way, have you heard about Anna and Giorgio? They’ve called off the wedding. I’ve no idea why, but Giorgio’s gone back to Italy and Anna’s refusing to talk to anyone about it. I feel sorry for her parents – they’ve sent out all the invitations and now they’ve got to tell everyone that the wedding’s cancelled. How embarrassing! Well, I suppose it’s better that they’ve split up now rather than after the wedding!
Apart from that, everything’s fine here in Berlin. Don’t forget that you’re always welcome to come and stay – I’d love to see you – but not in August – I’m going on holiday to Spain then. I’ll send you a postcard!
Anyway, I must go now. Write soon and tell me how you are.
Lots of love,
PS Guess what! I’ve passed my driving test.
Bold = lexical items
Underlined and bold = grammar structures

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