Issue Spotter

This project will parallel the group issue spotter, but be done individually. You may discuss the problem with classmates, but the work submitted should be your own writing.
This individual “issue spotter” will present you with a scenario drawn from multiple situations with legal risks. Your job is to find and analyze the potential legal issues. Your response should be a memo with an introduction, bullet points of the following manner, and a conclusion. Please submit this memo as a PDF document of no more than three pages for grading.
Bullet points should take the following form. I recognize this as restrictive, but it will greatly facilitate grading and lets you not worry about structuring narrative paragraphs. First, specify the situation from the scenario. Second, identify the legal issue. Third, specify the elements of the risk. Fourth, analyze the situation. Fifth, come to a conclusion (in bold). In a question concerning contracts, you should include the possible remedy for breach of contract, if any, in the conclusion. For example:
• Brenda tackles Jason. This is potentially battery. Battery is an offensive physical contact with someone or their immediate property, done without excuse. Here, tackling was offensive physical contact, but Brenda was trying to save Jason’s life, and so had an excuse. This is not battery.
• Jake breaks a contract to deliver a software product by Nov. 1. This is potentially a breach of contract. A contract is breached when one party fails to perform the contract as agreed. Jake does not seem to have defenses such as unconscionability, mistake, fraud or duress. As Kari was able to secure an alternative solution at a cost of $10,000 more, Jake likely owes Kari $10,000. This is most likely a breach of contract, in which Jake will owe Kari $10,000.
As you will be discussing general principles of law, you do not need to cite sources. The scenario to analyze can be found here:

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