How does childhood maltreatment increase long-term vulnerability to mental health problems?

– focus on explaining “how”- the pathway, avoid stating associations and correlations without explaining the
clear causal relationships
– incorporate the “latent vulnerability” theory, but not solely explaining one theory throughout the paper
– make critical arguments
– argue how has childhood maltreatment lessened the protective factors & increased risks
– utilize the studies in the reference lists to establish critical analysis
– short and clear introduction and conclusion, longer writing in the main body
6 Marking criteriaFocus: to what extent does the essay answer/address the question?
Clarity: is it clear and have complex ideas been articulated effectively?
Structure: is the structure explicit and easy to follow?
Use of evidence: is the extensive body of relevant evidence effectively assimilated?
Wider reading: does it convincingly integrate material beyond core assigned reading?
Critical analysis and insight: is there evidence of own insight/analysis?

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