Final paper: Economic Models and Covid-19

Final paper writing is an individual assignment given for the AWP course students in order to provide practice in
working with source materials on various topics and applying the knowledge and experience gained in writing in
the course of Academic Writing.
The length of the paper is 1200-1300 words, (title page, abstract, key words and references excluded). The
structure of the paper should follow that of a research article. The final paper should incorporate title page,
abstract with the key words, introduction, main body, conclusion and references. Sections and sub-sections
should have titles.
The topic options of the final paper are extend/modify synthesis paper.
My description: This will be our final paper – I will attach my synthesis here, it only needs to be modified and
extended, have 5 sources (the newer, the better). I will attach 2 files with the structure of the paper and 1 file
with the original synthesis

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