Digital/ written communication report

Assessment 1, part 2, A written communication report – 70%

  • Important to relate what you write to the marking guidelines/rubric and weighting of mark
  • 1500 words
  • 2 sections with slightly different weighting which means that the length of each will be different. The other sections are concerned with presentation, use of the literature and referencing.

Written communication report 1500 words- Marking Criteria -70%
Present your work clearly with a logical and coherent structure 5%
You will have:

  • Structured your report in a logical manner including an introduction and summary

or conclusion – use the marking guide to guide your structure

  • Used one font consistently throughout the essay
  • 1.5 spacing
  • Developed your report coherently including correct grammar, spelling,

punctuation and sentence construction
Discuss the importance of effective communication skills for nurses with service user, carers and colleagues – 40%
You need to:

  • Discussed importance of effective verbal and non-verbal communication

skills in health care.

  • Discussed the importance of effective listening skills
  • Included examples of how the group communicated to support your

presentation (I will include this part in the report)

  • These may be positive or negative comments
  • Used relevant literature to support your discussion

Discuss the importance of effective digital/written communication skills for nurses with service users, carers and colleagues -10%
You need to:

  • Identify different forms of digital/written communication and how they

are used within healthcare

  • Discuss the importance of effective digital/written communication in


  • Include examples demonstrating how the group communicated and

developed the presentation to support you discussion.

  • Use relevant literature to support your discussion

Use of literature/evidence– 10%

  • Access and use good quality literature to support your work, which will reflect the breadth and depth of your reading
  • You need to support your work with references
  • References should be peer reviewed literature eg books and articles, NOT

general sources of information from the internet eg NHS Choices
Referencing – 5%

  • Use a recognised referencing system and ensure the references are accurate
  • Used the recommended City University citation practice throughout the essay

  • Included an accurate and complete reference list

■ Harvard format
In the text:
• Author’s surname and year of publication.

  • If 2 authors, cite both; more than 3, use et al
    • Kennedy (2007) states that……
    • Rawlings- Anderson and Hunter (2008) indicate that.. • Nicol et al (2012) claim that……


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