Developmental and Multicultural Challenges

Developmental and Multicultural Challenges
1.Cite only scholarly/authoritative sources (beyond the textbook) to identify and describe
potential challenges for Maria, the mother in the scenario in Part 1 in at least two of the four
areas of development (physical,social/emotional,cognitive,and spiritual/moral)
2.Cite only scholarly/authoritative sources(beyond the textbook)to recommend methods to help
the selected person overcome or improve her or his potential challenges.
3.Respond to these questions:
a.How do Maria’s development challenges differ from any challenges to development
that her family members might experience?
b.Describe multicultural challenges that Maria might face as a recent refugee and whether
or how those challenges impact Maria’s four areas of development?
c.What other issues, including language barriers, might arise for this family who has
recently immigrated to a new country?
4.Cite scholarly/authoritative source(s) to recommend plans of action or resources that
can be provided to this family to assist them inproper development.
1. describe any potential challenges for Maria in at least two of the four areas of
development (physical, social/emotional, cognitive, and spiritual/moral
development).¨answer questions noted in the Assignment Instructions.¨recommend
solutions that are supported with scholarly/authoritative sources to overcome potential
challenges.¨articulate the differences among the potential challenges that the different
family members might experience.¨identify multicultural challenges Maria might face as
a recent refugee.¨makes recommendations supported by scholarly/authoritative to
address the multicultural challenges.
Paper is organized by:¨Introduction includes a thesis statement and lays out the purpose of the
paper¨Developmental Challenges and Solutions¨Comparison of Challenges Among Stages of
Development¨Multicultural Challenges and Plan of Action¨Conclusion restates key points
made in the paper¨Minimum of 4scholarly/authoritative sources(beyond the textbook), properly
cited within the body of the paper and referenced at the end of the paper¨750-1,000-word
minimum required, excluding title page and references (no abstract needed)¨APA style

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