British Journal of Industrial Relations

ESSAY QUESTION: Identify an article (from one of the academic journals listed below) that you believe represents an interesting and exciting development in the field of organization studies. Briefly outline the main arguments proposed by the article and critically discuss why you think this article is important.
WORD LIMIT: 2000 words +/- 10%
VALUE: 50% of overall module mark
DEADLINE: 15th December 2020 at 11am
SUBMISSION: Assignments must be submitted electronically in PDF format via the ‘Assignments’ section on Learning Central
You should select your article from the following journals. Although there are many other journals in the field of organization studies, these are considered to be among the best. I would anticipate all the articles contained in these journals to represent a significant challenge to read. Don’t let this worry you. Persevere as best you can, and keep in mind that this is your first attempt at reading and working with what can be extremely complex academic arguments. You do need to understand and be able to recount the main arguments, but you don’t need to understand absolutely every aspect of what is written.
To begin with I would suggest accessing all of the journals, and looking at the sorts of articles each journal publishes. You can do this by looking at the titles, keywords and abstracts of the most recent issues. Keep in mind that each journal has its own character. Also keep in mind that some journals are more challenging to read than others. For example, the Academy of Management Journal and Academy of Management Review are both regarded to be highly elite journals within the field, and contain articles that can run to some 20,000 words! However don’t let that put you off – long articles can also be incredibly interesting.
Academy of Management Journal
Academy of Management Review
British Journal of Industrial Relations
British Journal of Management
Culture and Organization
Human Relations
Human Resource Management Journal
International Journal of Human Resource Management
International Journal of Management Reviews
Journal of Management Studies
Management Learning
Organization Studies
Work Employment & Society
Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to search through each journal individually for an article that interests you. It may be that you are interested in an article that I’ve mentioned in the lecture – this is okay too. Alternatively, most of the journals publish league tables of the most highly cited/downloaded articles in particular period. For example: ‘the most downloaded article ever’ or ‘the most downloaded article this year/month’ – these are good indicators of the article that are trending at the moment. Many publishers also give a ‘best paper award’ each year – typically for the article that they think has had the greatest impact. This is another good place to look.

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