Book Review: Good Women of China

Paper should be about 3 pages typed, double-spaced,
Arial or New Times Roman at 12-point font.
In a historical book review, the goal is not to summarize the contents of the book. Instead, the goal is to evaluate
the book regarding its value to the specialized reader – in this case an advanced college reader. In other words,
describe what the author is trying to accomplish with this book – all authors have goals or purposes in mind
when writing a book. Sometimes they tell you outright in an introduction, sometimes you need to figure it out
for yourself. Then, describe how well you think the author succeeded in their purpose. This is where short
examples from the contents are appropriate as illustration for your point. For example, “The author successfully
showed the hardships endured by Chinese women in chapter X where she relayed the heartbreaking story of
___”. Again, you are not just summarizing the contents of the whole book but evaluating the book. Finally, give
your considered opinion of the book based on its stated purpose. In other words, if the author says that you will
gain ____ information from reading this book, do you? Some authors will claim that you will learn particular
information and then they never quite succeed which is very frustrating for the reader.
Finally, DO NOT tell me that the book was boring. Books exist as words on a page and DO NOT have the
capacity for emotions such as boredom. Only people can FEEL bored. Therefore, a book isn’t boring, only a
reader can be bored. And if you are bored reading a book, tell me WHY. What characteristics of the book bored
you? Is it repetitious? Is it overly dry and full of incomprehensible and unexplained names and dates? Or is it
that you just don’t like to read and would rather be playing video games, etc. At that point it isn’t the book itself
that is creating the feeling characterized as boredom, it is the reader’s impatience to be doing something else. I
love to read, but sometimes I would just rather binge watch Netflix. It isn’t the fault of the book I was reading, it
was that my mind wanted a different type of stimulation.
Book to review (can be found in Z Library):
The Good Women of China: Hidden Voices
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13:
EPUB, 285 KB

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