Autism and VR

500 (questions below)
How can VR experience efficiently capture the autistic students’ attention?
What do autistic students focus on. Describe their attention focus?
In what ways can VR experience positively affect and control their behaviour challenges?
How can the simplicity of the design benefit autistic students in contrast to a clustered design?
How are the VR activities effective in autistic learning (in traditional classroom)?
How can VR concept can be incorporated and shift traditional special need education?
What are some of the challenges in VR? (what cannot be done in VR, but is feasible in traditional classrooms)?
325 words
explore better education methods
for autism by using VR as an educational cognitive tool.
Theme, problem, motivation, review of chapters,
Literature review: theories, definitions, state of the art
Methods: argumentation, description application, games
(review other existing examples)
Results: findings
Discussions: critical review of your work, integration of your work in the bigger picture of
the domain, limitation
Reiterating the theme, probleiqum, and solution, future work

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