5 Use team and leadership theory to fix team from within

Mastering this competency will enable you to identify the characteristics of cross-functional teams and the skills
necessary to lead them, even in the cases where you are not explicitly the leader.
Choose how you allocate the word count between the questions below, but the total wordcount written for this
assignment should not be in excess of four pages, submitted as a single Word document using APA formatting
for citations when necessary.
1. Using experience from either your personal or professional life, describe an instance wherein a team assigned
a project–in which you were not given an explicit leadership role–that did not function optimally. Was this a
cross-functional team? What was your role in this team? Use the six characteristics of successful teams
delineated in the “A Process to Build High Performance Teams” article in your resources for this assignment to
diagnose where the team failed. Then, propose a solution (or solutions) for how the team could have avoided this
failure, using the other resources from this assignment to support your fix.
2. Regarding the same experience, how could you have gone about instituting the fix(es) you wrote about for
Part 1 of this assignment? Considering your non-leadership role, what steps were available to you? Write
through the process of fixing the group from within, what practices you would implement and who you would
approach, and why, supporting what you say with resources where necessary.
Please see attached file for resources and Rubic

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