Write a report critically appraising a scientific paper

“Write a report critically appraising a scientific paper” (word limit: 3000 words)
Under the Assessment Information section on Moodle, you will find four scientific papers from which you will chose one to review critically. Your review will critically discuss and appraise all sections of the paper (e.g., introduction or background section, aims, methods or processes, results or outcomes, interpretation of findings, discussion, conclusions and recommendations). Your review will have the structure of a report.
More help for this assignment will be offered in a podcast which will be available in the ‘Unit Assessment’ section of the unit’s Moodle page. In addition, a drop-in support session about the assignment will be offered by the unit tutors before the end of the term.
This assignment is addressing the following learning outcomes of this unit:
1. Critically appraise the core features and strategies of brief interventions.
2. Critically evaluate the existing evidence-base for the efficacy of each of the brief interventions.
3. Discuss advantages and limitations of each brief intervention.
4. Discuss features of the brief interventions with awareness and sensitivity to the socio-cultural context where they are delivered
• Your report must not exceed 3000 words. This does not include the list of references or the cover page.
• Throughout the document use 11 or 12pt font, 1.5 or double spacing, and the Harvard Referencing Style.
• For a pass mark in this unit, your assignment will need to demonstrate that you have met the unit’s learning outcomes.

• Your work will be marked according to the MSc Programme Marking Descriptors outlined in the table in the unit handbook.
• A process of moderation will be undertaken to ensure that marking criteria has been fairly, accurately and consistently applied.
• Please note that marks received are provisional until they are agreed by the Assessment Boards held in June, September and December each year.
• Use the reading list in the Unit’s Moodle page. •

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