The Project Management Plan Baselines paper

In this assignment, you will create a project management plan (PMP) baseline, which includes a scope
(including a WBS), a project schedule, and a project budget. This assignment will be divided into four major
elements, along with their individual elements.
For your assignment,
Develop the scope document in MS Word. The scope document should:
Create a scope description consistent with the authority granted in the project charter.
List the project deliverables that will enable the resolution of the current problems in the current logistics
Outline the acceptance criteria for each deliverable.
Establish the project’s limitations or boundaries.
Summarize the change control process that will be used during the project.
Create an indented WBS for five to 10 intermediate tasks using ProjectLibre.
Include within each intermediate task two to three sub-tasks. Review the ProjectLibre Demo (Links to an
external site.) video for additional help using ProjectLibre.
Note: Save your WBS in ProjectLibre.
Develop a project schedule using the WBS you have already created as the starting point. This should be
completed using ProjectLibre. The project will start in February of Year 0 and should finish in December.
Note: Save your project schedule, including the Gantt chart, in ProjectLibre.

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