Summary Critique – Skills in communication and critical thinking, using “Role of Analytics for Operational Risk Management in the Era of Big Data” Peer Review Paper

To further develop their skills in communication and critical thinking, students will be required to write a Summary-Critique.
A summary-critique presents the main argument and purpose of the paper under discussion and then provides an assessment based on specific criteria appropriate to the research design.
Using “Role of Analytics for Operational Risk Management in the Era of Big Data
write a summary-critique examining the following elements of research:
• Research Question and Hypotheses (What was the primary question that was answered? What hypotheses did the authors() have?)
• Design and Method (Discuss the research design and methods employed by the authors, include descriptions of the population, sampling, data analysis, and validity)
• Variables and Measurement (What were the independent, dependent, and control variables?)
• Results (What were the results? Did they confirm the author(s)’ s hypotheses)
• Ethical Concerns (What ethical concerns were there, if any?)
• Assignment Details
Length: 2 pages
Grading Criteria:
• Grammar/Style and clarity
• APA Format and citations
• Logic (appropriate application of criteria) and organization
• Content (inclusion of all appropriate criteria)
• Doiqu not include an abstract

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