Social Media Platform
● Instagram account created : Allows business insights which will help with consumer profiles,
advertisement is cheap and efficient, inexpensive way to promote product. Saya also mentioned in
her market research that 95% of respondents predominantly used instagram. Highlights the
significance of social media in promoting these products. With the instagram profile as well it
allows you to have insights into your users, so it will display the gender, age, country etc all of the
relevant information pertaining to your consumer profiles
● Stories ads, video ads means that anyone and everyone can access the instagram ads, not quite
sure how location works but going to look into that. Overall though, anyone scrolling through
instagram can have access to your company via this promotion.
Marketing strategy
Social Networking and Viral Marketing most likely the best strategy : For females aged 25-34 instagram users
consists of around 16.6% (male is 17.2) for females aged 35-44 it is 8.6% (male it is only 7.3), for the younger users
however aged between 18-24 its consisting of 14%. Totaling to 39.2% of instagram users that can be targeted.
running ads on Instagram is at least twice as cost-effective as running ads on Facebook and while there’s no exact
figure that you can expect an ad to cost the average ad on instagram costs around £5.
Im aware Saya put 25-40 however through the use of social media advertising you would have more access to the
younger consumers and will allow you to get your service across more. From my personal experience, the younger
generation tends to have more of a disposable income if you like in terms of purchasing accessories. My morrisons
that i work in for example just hired 15 part timers who are still at 4th/5th/6th year at school. Of course I will
carry out some more primary research into the actual figures.
Market Research
Questions not included in saya’s research which id like to find out are:
● What social media platform has the most appealing promotions in terms of services and products?
● Do you find instagram ads interesting and helpful or just annoying?
● How likely are you to become aware of a product/serviced via social media?
● Have you bought from a social media ad in the last 6-12 months
I feel as of this would give us a good insight into the consumers and also help develop the way in which the
company is gonna operate within the consumer presence of social media.
● I personally thought to involve males a lot more, they are more interested that one might first
think. From my personal experience my dad would think of this kind of box as a really sincere and
thoughtful gift. Not to mention he practically bathes in moisturising cream day and night!
● Maybe include personalised photographs or the individual receiving the item, such as family
photos or a picture of the recipetent and the giftee.

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