Critical Report: Evidence Based assignment

Description of the Assignment
This assignment is used to demonstrate the third learning outcome for this Module, which is ‘A comprehensive
understanding of how to critically evaluate the literature to inform prescribing decisions, and be able to relate
findings to prescribing practice.
2000 word Critical Report: Evidence Based assignment.
Select a patient from your workplace or learning in practice placement who is experiencing a complex
medication related problem. (This could be complex because the patient has co-morbidity, or multiple drug
therapy or disease states which affect prescribing. which needs to be resolved).
i) Briefly describe the background to the situation detailing all possible management options for this patient.
Consider strategies such as withdrawal of some or all therapies, supervised treatment, simplification of regime,
non-drug treatment (20%)
ii) Critically evaluate the literature to compile a brief report on your analysis of the evidence base for all the
management options and possible outcomes such as the impact of stopping treatment and/or the risks/benefit of
switching to a simplified regime (60%)
iii) Based on your report, describe how you would implement your preferred management option if this were a
patient in your prescribing practice (20%)

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